Fish exporters from Faroe Islands are sitting on a treasure.

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Photo by Bjartur Vest, Written by: Leif Anderssen

In the mystic Faroe Islands up in the North Atlantic Ocean are some of the world’s most privileged fish exporters. Yes they are the lucky ones.

The Faroe Islands is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, with the Gulf Stream passing by the Islands.  This makes for excellent environment for fish to grow in.  Both fish farming and fishing out at sea take advantage of this natural gift.

In the Faroe Islands fish farmers can produce some of the world’s finest salmon and products; you can read more about them here.

Fishing out at sea ranges from small day boats to large vessels with high tech factories on board. Exporters can both own and operate fishing vessels and processing plants, giving their customers the best products possible.

Fish from the Faroe Islands is like no other fish I have tasted before. Absolutely delicious fish, that when eating it freshly caught it makes you fall asleep.  I’m not sure why it does that, but some say it is because the fish is so fresh that it makes you fall asleep.

Being hooked up with fish exporters from the Faroe Islands is a very smart choice when considering quality and stability. It’s kind of like connecting yourself with the source of gold when it comes to fish.



 The Faroe Islands offers a great range or stable sustainable fish suppliers who export all over the world to the food industry. To contact Faroese fish exporters browse through our listing here.

Stay up to date with fishing suppliers, exporters, and fishing companies from the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands is located in between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Sea. The Faroe Islands offers a rich resource of some of the finest fish on the planet. Keep up to date with activities in the Faroese fishing industry in the by visiting
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