Incredible fishing vessels used by Faroese fish exporters

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High tech fishing vessel Norðborg working with Faroese exporter

Written by: Leif Anderssen

In the Faroe Islands fish exporters are hooked up with some of the most advanced fishing vessels in the world. Floating high tech state of the art factories, hotel like living conditions for the crew, and ships that are designed and built for the rough North Atlantic Ocean weather conditions. The Faroe Islands is bringing fishing to a whole new level.

Take for example Faroese fish exporter NorthPelagic, and fishing vessel Norðborg, one of the most advanced pelagic ships in the North Atlantic.

Catching and processing, herring, mackerel, capelin, and blue whiting all caught from the pure waters of North Atlantic Ocean. This ship not only catches this fish, but also processes the fish with fully auto-matic state of the art filleting machines, and then making frozen blocks, then packaging and palletizing, and deep freezing. But it doesn’t stop there, all the scrap parts of the fish that where not used in the fillets are fully utilizes by making fish meal and fish oil on board while at sea. So every part of the fish is used. Truly amazing!

Take a look at the video, I found it very intriguing to watch and was very impress to see how advanced fishing has become today.


Press to watch video of incredible Faroese Fishing vessel


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